National Park of Ainos
Koutavos lagoon in Cephalonia

Information Centre at the lagoon of Koutavos in Cephalonia

Contracting Authority: Municipality of Argostoli
Contractor: OMEPE Ltd
End of project: 1997

Nature and man. Greece obtains protected areas. The Argostoli lagoon. The characteristics of Koutavos wetland. Formation and changes of the lagoon. What is a wetland? The wet-lands at the Ionian islands. Koutavos: a toponym with great history. A bridge - monument that has determined the lagoon.
Get to know with Koutavos nature - a unique landscape near the city of Argostoli. Kou-tavos is changing... A Vision is becoming true.
Explore the nature at the wetlands. Paths... exist everywhere! Authentic Cultural Land-scapes - Near nature... the man. Embrace natural heritage of Cephalonia.