National Park of Ainos
Ochi mountain and Dimosari gorge

Environmental Information Centre of Karystia at the Prefecture of Evia (for the area of Ochi mountain and Dimosari gorge)

Contracting Authority: Technical Company of Prefecture of Evia
Contractor: OMEPE Ltd
End of project: 2001

Natural treasures of Karystia (GR2420001). Ochi: the mountain of springs. Evia: the Pre-fecture of Nature! Protected areas and NATURA 2000 network. Why does it deserve pro-tection? Water and Stone. Biodiversity. Wild flowers. Archaeological richness. Historical landscapes. Myths at the magnificent mountain. The meeting between Jupiter and Ira. Dra-kospita. Ancient Karystia: the strategic place of Karystia in the civilization. Quarries. Local products.