National Park of Ainos
Gorge and estuaries of Acheronda

Information Centre of Ammoudia of the Prefecture of Preveza and Information Kiosk of Glyki of the Prefecture of Thesprotia (for the Acherondas river area)

Contracting Authority: Company for Amvrakikos development
Contractor: OMEPE Ltd
End of project: 2000

1. Information Centre of Ammoudia

The protection of nature in Ipiros. What does it live inside the fast, frozen waters of Ach-erondas river? The river..... a crowd made of different pictures...... The marsh: between wa-ter and ground. The marine life at the estuaries of Acherondas. Folkloric songs, etymolo-gies and other. Hades was not far.

2. Information Kiosk of Glyki

What is the special that the Narrows of Acheronda river for Ipiros have? The wild nature of Acheronda. Paths at the flat parts of the river. From Trikastro to Glyki. At Soulu using car. Walk at the depths of the river