LIFE - Nature Project of Cyprus

«Conservation management in Natura 2000 sites of Cyprus» LIFE-Nature 2004


The Project, in which OIKOS Ltd is partner, aims at the elaboration of pilot but crucial actions, in order to secure a favorable conservation status for certain habitat types and priority species, in 5 Natura 2000 sites of Cyprus.

Habitats: Posidonia beds (Posidonia oceanica), Matorral with Zizyphus lotus (endemic of Cyprus) and vernal pools, Residual alluvial forests (Alnus glutinosa), Woodlands with endemic Quercus infectoria, Pinus nigra forest, Serpentinophilous grasslands of Cyprus, Lagoons.

Endemic flora species: Scilla morrisii, Arabis kennedyae, Chionodoxa lochiae, Pinguicula crystallina

Endemic avifauna species: Sylvia melanothorax, Oenanthe cypriaca

Endemic reptile species: Coluber cypriensis

Conservation Management Actions