LIFE - Nature Project of Cyprus
LIFE - Nature Project of Strofylia - Kotychi

«Conservation Management in Strofylia - Kotychi» LIFE-Nature 2002


The Project, in which OIKOS Ltd was partner, aims at::

Habitats: Lagoons, Embryonic shifting dunes, Wooded dunes with Pinus pinea, Mediterranean salt meadows.

Avifauna species: All the species of Annex I of the Directive 79/409, giving emphasis to the Bittern (Botaurus stellaris), Ferruginous Duck (Aythya nyroca), Marsh Harrier (Circus aeruginosus), Black-winged Stilt (Himantopus himantopus), Collared Pratincole (Glareola praticola), Little Tern (Sterna albifrons).

Reptile species: Mediterranean turtle (Testudo hermanni), Marginated tortoise (Testudo marginata), Four-lined snake (Elaphe quatrolineata), Leopard situla (Elaphe situla).

Conservation Management Actions